Google+ Growth

+Greg Miernicki (author)
+François Beaufort (algorithm)
How did we obtain this data?
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~1.549 billion accounts
How do we calculate the number of Google+ accounts?

Before November 15, 2012, we use the numbers Google provided publicly. Since then, we began calculating the number on our own. To do this, we first download the Google+ Sitemap. Then, we walk through this file and find all the sub-sitemaps available. For each sub-sitemap we find, we download it and then count the number of Google+ profiles and the number of Google profiles contained within it. Tallying all this data gives us two things: the total number of Google+ accounts and the total number of regular Google accounts. We do this once a day.

However, the Google+ sitemap has been known to go down (404) periodically. It was missing completely for two+ months from mid April 2013 until July 2013. As such, you may see a sparsity of data points during such time frames.

Google+ Sitemap URL >>

How do you count the size of the index?

This is a much simpler process. We simply perform a specific Google search across Google+ and a slightly different Google search across Google+. We then take the largest number of results returned from these two searches giving us our Google+ index size.

Do you want to take a look at the source code?

Hangout with +Greg Miernicki and it will be provided.